Crystal Place - AMENITIES

The Crystal Place is taking pride in every single goodness it has to provide with occupants and residents. Other than the fact that this community is fully secured and exclusive, the place is also boasting its own series of a fully landscaped grounds beginning from the entrance/exit gate down to its network of roads, path walks and the playground.

The fully landscaped entrance mini-garden has a guard house being maintained and stationed by our well-trained and dependable security officials. They are there to monitor the influx of people and the live shot of CCTV cameras in common grounds. The entire place is also secured with full perimeters to prohibit the entry of unwanted individuals. Inside Crystal Place, road networks were constructed as massively wide including its curbs and gutters. Stateland invested on creating good inner roads to enhance the safety of everyone. And to make sure that flooding is not a problem here, a strong network of underground drainage system was also placed. With regards to water supply, every resident is assured of a non-stop strongly pressurized water supply 24/7 because of a centralized elevated tank. This centralized tank was elevated to allow everyone a stronger water supply.

As to in-house facilities and equipments, Stateland made sure that the residents of Crystal Place is supplied with basic amenities. Topping the list is the Multi Purpose Hall which is really huge and can accommodate a relatively bigger crowd. Family events like birthday, anniversary or wedding parties can be held here. This can also serve as a common venue for activities that can foster friendship among immediate neighbors. The adult pool with shower rooms and cabanas are also perfect places for neighbors to know each other, bond and start up a friendship which could possibly last a lifetime.

Since children are very important in every community, the Crystal Place equally made sure that they are well-taken cared. There is a kiddie pool available for children to enjoy their weekend. It is located near the adult pool so both parents and children can enjoy swimming without huge worries about their children’s safety. While parents have the chance of making friends with their adult neighbors, the kids also get their chance of making new friends and buddies. Parents are equally spared from the usual weekend travels to bring their kids to malls for gaming purposes. Right within the grounds of Crystal Place, these things are available. There is also a children’s park where grasses covering the lawn is well maintained and the imported and sturdy play equipments are abundantly available. Since the place is part of a secured compound, children can also spend their free time here making friends with other kids. Childhood is an important phase in man’s life because this is where their sense of social responsibility are developed. The safe children’s playground is such a huge training ground for that.

For teens and adults, there is a well-lighted basketball and volleyball courts for friendship games and trainings. These important facilities do not just keep bodies fit but most importantly, these are key places where friends can be won.

  • Landscaped Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Full Perimeter Fence
  • Centralized Elevated Water Tank
  • Underground Drainage Facilities
  • Wide Road Networks, Curbs, and Gutters
  • Main Amenities Area which Contain:
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Adult and Children's Swimming Pools, Shower Room and Cabanas
  • Basketball/Volleyball Court with Pole-Mounted Lighting
  • Landscaped Children's Playground with Imported and Sturdy Play Equipment
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